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Chase The Donkeys
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What is my calling? How do I know if I’m walking in it? How and where do I go to find it? In this weekends message, Pastor Tony talks about the the unique purpose and mandate God gives us and to summons to glorify Him and serve the world.  Ultimately, we do the will of God when we fulfill our calling in life. However, how God leads us into our extraordinary calling is through ordinary living.

What Were You Expecting (Kim Calabrese)
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How many times in your life have you had an expectation of something or someone and it didn’t quite pan out the way you thought it would?  What did you allow to fill that gap between your expectation and your experience?  In this week’s message, Pastor Tony’s wife, Kim, takes a deeper look into the story of Mary and Martha and how it teaches us that all we ever need can be found right at the feet of Jesus.

The Center Of His Will
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The question that most people when it comes to God is, “Why am I here?" or what is your will for my life?” Thinking about God’s will starts almost as soon as you realize there is a God. Which job should I take? How do I know if he’s the one? What should I do with my career? When should I start a family? We don’t want to make a bad choice or the wrong decision. We just want to know what God wants us to do and where God wants us to go. So how can we know? In this message, Pastor Tony brings an encouraging word of freedom as he challenges our view of what we think God's will truly is.

Empty Eggs & Expectations
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The things we expect the most flow in places we expect the least. What looks like distress could really be destiny in disguise. What if resurrection power has been at work all along and you've just failed to recognize it? In this powerful Easter message, Pastor Tony helps us see the unbelievably believable hope that comes from the empty tomb.

Miracle In The Middle | Part Three

Faith at the start is easy. Faith at the end is easy. But the middle is messy. What we need is faith for the middle. In this final installment, Pastor Tony preaches a powerful message on the posture of the middle. We learn that our position and posture is everything when it comes to Jesus meeting us in the middle.  When we change our posture we will fix our perspective. When we fix our perspective we will learn the middle is not the end of the story, its just a scene. What we see as the end of the story, God sees as the beginning of your most miraculous chapter. 

Miracle In The Middle | Part Two

Why does it sometimes feel the middle of our surroundings is suffocating with no way out?  Sometimes life hits us like a punch to the gut, leaving us doubled over and gasping for air. In this message, Pastor Tony brings a powerful word and encourages us to breathe in the Word of Gods and His Spirit and breathe out our praise and watch the atmosphere of our circumstances shift. 

Releasing Your Isaac

Are you withholding from God something you love more than him? Often times God will put before us the ultimate test by asking us to release our grip on what we treasure most. In this final installment of Seek, Pastor Tony journeys us through the story of God testing Abraham and asking for his most treasured possession, Isaac. Abraham gave up the thing he loved the most to the God He loved even more. What you cling to is usually what God asks you to release. The sweeter reality is that what God asks us to release He will always replace with something or someone far more valuable.

Between Two Laughs

When’s the last time you believed God for something outrageous? Do you hold fast to the One who has promised? Often times we hear messages on faith and hope or read about but never apply it to our impossible situations. In this powerful message, Pastor Tony reinvigorates audacious faith to believe God for the impossible. What's impossible to you is not remotely difficult for God because He who has promised does not live in the realm of possibilities. Is anything too hard for God?

Get Out Of Your Tent

Is there a promise that has Heavenly origins on the inside of you buts it's taking so long to seize it? Have you ever asked God "how" he's going to accomplish it? Often times frustration and disappointment diminishes the dream in our heart and we settle for less. In this message Pastor Tony talks about how God comes down to meet us in our limited belief and the power of coming out of your tent and counting the stars.

Separation is Preparation

On the journey to where you're going, what is influencing and shaping your decisions and direction? The decisions that we make are the steering wheel of our life. Every single person who truly seeks to follow Jesus and live the life that God builds has to make the decision of separation. In this message, Pastor Tony delivers a powerful word on separation being apart of the preparation. Every one of us has a Lot to get rid of, its just a matter of making the decision to separate and walk by faith. 

Prepared, Process and the Promise

Have you ever struggled to see or feel God’s presence in a difficult season? Have you ever been blindsided by resistance in the middle of a blessing? In the message Pastor, Tony preaches a powerful word from the life of Abraham who was in the middle of a blessing but was interrupted by a famine. Just as every song has a story, every blessing has a backstory and every promise has a process. Faith is not something we just need for salvation but its required to sustain you in the middle of nowhere.

Keep The Fire Burning

What does your history with God look like? Is it a bright glowing fire fall of glory and joy? Is it just a flickering ember? In this message Pastor Tony revisits the life of Abraham and the significance of building spiritual altars. We learned that God will send the fire but you have to put wood on the fire. Pastor Tony shows us how prayer is the wood on the fire. When we pray, we should pray from a place of inheritance, a place that is elevated and a place that is secret.  

Life Altaring

The seat of our emotions and place we live life from is our heart. The heart is not just the thing God wants to change but its the place He desires to rest. Abraham's motivation was to seek the life who's designer and builder was God. What marked his allegiance to the Promisor was building an altar. In this message, Pastor Tony invites those who's life has been altered to make an altar. Anyone who is operating from God’s blueprint will have prime real estate in his heart for God’s Presence to dwell in an intimate way.