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From Victory Not For Victory
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Is our world restricted to what we can see? What if there was another dimension? What if the battle we are fighting in front of us in the wrong battle to fight? In this final sermon of our series in Ephesians, Pastor Tony preached a powerful word on the need to open our eyes and see the unseen. There is something dynamic of the power of God and the fight that we are called to fight and the faith we are to have and the victory that we are to stand in!

Be Being Filled
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Why are more of us not experiencing the supernatural? How come we struggle controlling sin in our life? In this message, Pastor Tony preaches from Ephesians 5 on the power of being filled with the Spirit. Unless the Spirit is filling, the super natural will not be seen. God will manifest Himself to us and His Church to the degree that we are filled. The result of being filled leads to a powerful and beautiful sound.

Heavenly Living and Holy Language
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How do we build one another up in a culture filled with negativity and criticism thats constantly tearing us down? Every family, tribe and community has language they use to encourage and cultivate relationship. In the family of God, theres a way we are to talk to one another. It’s easy and convenient to believe God in our minds and hearts, but seldom it’s hard to display God with our mouth. In this message, Pastor Tony brings a challenging message on the power of kindness and how our words create worlds for others to live in.

Building Together
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Why do fish travel in school? Why do birds fly in formation? Why do cattle move in herds? Why do wolves and hyenas travel in packs? Because they understand they cannot reach their maximum potential outside the group. In this message, Pastor Tony dives into Ephesians 4 and the importance of growing up and building the Church Jesus died for. In light of the Gospel and goodness of Jesus, it should not only change how we live, but what we receive.

At Home Jesus
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Why is life often dictated by circumstances and adverse situations? How do we get in position to receive the power we need to flourish on earth? It all comes down to intimacy and authority. In this message, Pastor Tony dives into Paul’s prayer in Ephesians chapter 3 and the vital necessity to let Jesus make his home in us.

The Church in 3G
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When you look at the church what do you see? What does the Church look like when it’s in alignment with the truth of Jesus? In Ephesians 2 we get a preview of the 20/20 vision of the Church.  In this message, Pastor Tony reminds us about the power of a growing, gathering and giving Church and the cost of community.

Tear Down The Walls
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In a world that thrives on dividing walls between race, culture, class and gender, it’s easy to identify the things that divide us and that which we don’t have in common. Yet, the horizontal bar of the cross brings together humanity and erases and eradicates any line or wall that would divide us. In this powerful message on unity, Pastor Tony shares how the  Church is to operate on Earth as a preview of what Heaven is to look like.

Why Baptism?

Baptism has been watered down. It has been reduced to a tradition and stripped of its meaning. Baptism is what Jesus ushered in and calls everyone to follow in His footsteps. Baptism is about an action that identifies with what we believe. Baptism is about the deed that expresses what we believe. It’s not just a symbolic act but a prophetic act where the believer enters the waters with a cross but exits with a crown. In this message, Pastor Tony shares 3 powerful reasons why baptism is essential.

But God
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One the hardest things in the world is to see the truth about ourselves. Often times, we don't like to remember unpleasant details of our story. However, in Ephesians chapter 2, Paul puts a spotlight on who we were. In order to really understand the Good News of the Gospel and place on the finished work of Christ, you have to understand what you were saved from. In this message, Pastor helps understand the truth about ourselves and the truth about God's grace.

Power Surge
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Power belongs to God. He has it all. But strength is when I take hold of that power and walk it out in my life. It’s possible for God to have all the power, for us to know about the power and read about the power and never convert that power into strength in our everyday lives. The heart of Ephesians 1:15-23 is that Gods power is only potential until you convert it into strength by faith and action. Pastor Tony brings us part 2 in our series in Ephesians and encourages us that strength in life is not determined by your ability. It’s determined by Gods authority.

God Is For Me
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What has God done for me lately?  If you haven’t asked that question, it’s a good one to ask. Often times we forget the beauty and abundance of blessing that God pours into our lives. It’s easy to lose the wonder and marvel of the richest truth of being in Christ. In Part 1 of our series in the book of Ephesians, Pastor Tony brings a powerful word and reminds us that God is for us and we are chosen.