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Are You Certain?
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There are certain anti-climactic changes in our lives that happen. You can cross over from day to night;  from single to married or from poor to rich. Some people move from an old state to a new state. We get to the other side and cross over and yet we don't even notice that we've transitioned to the new place or even felt the significance of it. In this powerful message, Pastor Tony shares from Luke 8:22-25 the importance of believing that 2019 is going to be a "certain" kind of year. A year filled with prophetic moments, uniqueness, and significance.

It's A Boy. Everlasting Father.
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There are many names for Jesus, but what do they really mean? What's the significance of calling God by His name? About 700 years before the birth of Jesus, Isaiah makes the biggest birth announcement and gender reveal in the history of humanity. In this Christmas message, Pastor Tony unlocks the importance behind the name, meaning, and relevance of "Everlasting Father." You'll gain a new and fresh perspective on the Savior who was born in a manger over two thousand years ago.

Hearts Open.

Everything we do emanates from the heart. Every arena of life intersects with what’s going on in our hearts. What has captured the wonder of our hearts will control the way we live.  When it comes to worship, what would it look when we move beyond form, methods, and techniques? In Part 3 of our Advent series, Pastor Tony takes us deeper into the story of Christmas and the life of Mary and we learn how true worship originates from within. The heart of worship is worship in the heart.

Knees Bent. Arms Extended.

What makes something worth going after? Your pursuit is only as great as the reward of what you’re pursuing. What would it look like if we saw Christmas as something that tells us Jesus is worth it? What would it take to look at God as someone who showed up and got involved in humanity to deliver joy and peace? In this message Pastor Tony shares the story of the wise men in Matthew 2 how Jesus is worth our attention, our pursuit and our everything. 

Eyes Up. Hands Lifted.

Have you ever felt the rush and angst of the Holiday season? Maybe you found yourself caught in the drift of tinsel, Christmas trees and the trappings of Christmas. What if this season didn't have to be about speeding things up but slowing things down and longing for the coming of Jesus Christ?  This Advent (Latin word meaning “coming” or “arrival"), Pastor Tony reminds us that this season is all re-orienting our hearts yet again to long and desire for the coming of Jesus that leads to an epic celebration. In part one of this series we re-enter the story and importance of the angelic visit to the shepherds. The first Christmas was a worshipping Christmas filled with peace. When we give God the highest glory, He gives us His deepest peace.


One of the highest priorities in your relationship with God; one of the most important things you can do to stay connected to him and to bring Him glory is to live a life filled with gratitude. In this message, Pastor Tony challenges us not to just have a grateful heart but grateful habits.