Our Culture

The cultural values uphold the vision and shape our culture, our actions and attitudes.

We are calling the 8 hills we die on. As a church, we believe that if something is worth living for, it is worth dying for. We can’t do everything—but what we, as a community are called by God to do, we do with excellence.


Presence | Presence over preference (Gen 15:1, Exodus 33:15-16, Psalm 16:11)

We seek to experience His presence personally and host His presence corporately. 


Proclamation | Truth over talk

We discover new life in Christ and ignite passion in the people of God though the unapologetic proclamation of the Gospel. 


Honor | Selfless over selfish

People matter. We love and value all people regardless of who they are, how they feel or what they’ve done.


Authenticity | Freedom over filtered

We create access and experience deep connection when we know others and are fully known. 


Community | Circles over rows

We practice the love of Christ and maturity in Christ in the context of authentic relationships rather than by ourselves.


Multiplication | Multiple over maintain

We carry out the mission of Christ when we grow, increase, spread and send. 


Daring Faith | Miraculous over mundane

We will activate great faith and become audacious believers, never insulting God with small thinking and safe living.


Generosity | Give over get

We live open handed and consider it an honor to sacrifice for Jesus and His kingdom cause.